iMica Explorer

Version 0.21a

Have added scroll bar and viewer pain, however, use with caution, have a datatype bug that crashes machine sometimes.

Original one below and v0.21a below it..

Try this little program on IcAros box. Copy it to your c: drawer. Will not run on other Amiga OS'es yet.
It will open a thumbnail viewer with all those image types in it. scale window and then press 'r' to refresh. Press '1','2','3' to change thumbnail size.
This is the image thumb bit of my windows explorer panel I am working on.
You can add it to an OPUS button and any lister with images in will get viewed. But the button must have in the new entry line
AmigaDOS   c:iMicaExplore {s}
and CD Source flags, and Run asynchronosly

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Steve Jones

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