Amiga Cases - A500, A1200 and A600

The new case is designed as an homage to the beauty and power of the Amiga 3000 and has the optional keyboard garage like the original Amiga 1000. The modular design is capable of building a highly powerful, True Amiga, based on the A500, A600 and A1200 motherboards with all of the extras that are available for these amazing computer motherboards like the Vampire accelerator/24bit graphics upgrade.

This video shows inside the case with components mounted with version two prototype testing.

In this video I discuss the version 2 prototype and the Vampire benefits.

This video really explains why the Vampire is so important if you are an Amiga fan and want to build an insanely powerful real Amiga.

Amiga Forever, AmiKit and Workbench

All systems can be supplied with the latest Amiga Workbench, and if running the PC version with Linux or Windows then this can be run front and centre disguising the host operating system until you need it giving you the best of both worlds through an amazingly stylish Amiga emulation layer.

Case Types - Checkmate A1500 Plus

Because of the modular design the main difference is the rear panel but there are also subtle differences in the fixing pack hence two clear choices. Both are available in black and white and options can be added before shipping.

Please note, by purchasing this case you are aware that it is a self assembly system and whilst we will provide plenty of tutorials on the subject, you must be capable of assembling computers. If not, we will be happy to discuss supplying ready built systems at extra cost.


Basic case for Amiga A500, A1200 and A600, only difference is the rear I/O panel. After the campaign success you will be asked to confirm which rear panel you want regardless of version. You will be able to purchase extra rear panels. You may be able to change colour unless packaged and ready to ship. However, if going from black to white, it will depend on stock as white is expected to be a limited run, but we will see. The physical dimensions of the case are Width 431mm x Height 104mm x Depth 385mm. Note the keyboard riser adds 40mm to the height. A screw pack will be included with all fixings.

Important, please note that the injection moulded plastic parts will be UV resistant materials and as such will not yellow with age !!

Optional extra modular rear panels

When ordering you will get one of these, however extras can be ordered for £25 each.

Drive bay panel cover options

These are the standard available options when the campaign completes, the second picture gives an example of another version planned for a stretch goal. Each pack will come with with two specific panels but extras can be ordered at £5 each. These will match the colour of the case you have ordered. Please note that others may appear over time and the designs are available to allow modification and 3D printing of you own panel covers and support.

If the stretch goal option is met then these panels that suit the LG GS40N Slot load internal drive will have an injection mould made to enable purchase for £5 each. If not then they will be available on our Shapeways page for around £35 as a 3D print or download design and print yourself.

Example of all of the panels if stretch goal met

Amiga 500 version only

If you intend fitting an A500/A500+ motherboard then you can fit the optional expansion board that enable easy internal fitting of cards designed to plug into the external 86 pin connector and the top slot hold Zorro 2/3 cards. Note Zorro 3 cards will run at Zorro 2 speed as if fit into an A2000. The Internal PSU plugs into the ATX power socket on the board to enable powering the complete system. This cards will be available as an optional extra when you finally configure your reserved basic case.

Optional keyboard risers to make a garage

These risers match the colour of the case and are priced at £15 per pair.

Colours of Case

The Oyster white actual colour was chosen by public poll.