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Checkmate Garage, the CRT monitor stand for AIO's (All In One Computers) for example Amiga 500/600/1200, Atari ST 520/1040, BBC Micro, Commodore 64/128 and any other computer that can sit under 497mm x 327mm x 100mm WxDxH. Available in powder coated and durable Oyster White and Black. Priced to be affordable, from £32.50 ex Vat and shipping.
Shipping Now !! !!

3D Renders by Paul Kitching for fun

Atari 520ST

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Commodore C64c

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Commodore CDTV System with hidden keyboard

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Amiga A500 and A590 external drive

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Checkmate Garage (Name chosen by community) IN STOCK NOW !!

The aim of this is to give people for who my high end Amiga style cases are not an option but still want to tidy their desk and have the great quality we have become know for.

The parts are big and heavy, 2.5kg, and shipping size of 55cm x 35cm x 11cm if you want to see the shipping costs :-)

It therefore makes sense to purchase more than one at a time and share the shipping with a friend or club. For example, too Australia the optimum number is 4 in a package as 2 in a package costs the same etc. Any questions, please contact us using the email at the bottom.


Included rubber feet

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