Great A500 Build and Review video from Jan Beta

Fitting Amiga 500 to Checkmate 1500 plus case

The Checkmate1500 Mini ITX UnAmiga!

Video by Chris Edwards Restoration

A1500 Mini Kickstarter campaign video

Great video by Samuel Hurll

A1500 Plus Kickstarter campaign video

For such a short video this took ages, hope you like the atmosphere

RetroManCave Build series

Great Checkmate 1500 Plus build series from a Kickstarter backer

10 Minute Amiga build video

Another complete build video from Doug.

History of Checkmate A1500 with Retro Man Cave

This video goes into the history of my product the Checkmate Digital A1500 launched in 1989/90.

Checkmate A1500 with Retro Man Cave Q&A

This question and answer session goes into a little more detail.

Checkmate A1500 Plus development history

This is the entire history of this project in video form, be brave and dive in :-)

My Classic Amiga Videos

A selection of the videos I have put together for the Amiga classic fan

My AROS videos

I have always been a huge fan of AROS and this continues, here is a large selection that I have created for this great Open Source Amiga operating system.