iMica Computers Update (pronounced eye-me-car)

Ever since I launched the iMica computer system I have had one goal in mind, and that is to create a standard base reference platform for Aros and a new low cost platform for the Amiga fan, not to replace existing classic 68k systems but to compliment them. Well some time has passed and I have been quiet but that is now going to change in 2010.
I have two pieces of immediate news for those who have been watching the iMica and saying they will be interested when it has proper native drivers. Firstly, as you know we started by supporting the development of native network drivers, but now we have stepped up a gear and contracted certain developments to fulfil the goals for iMica.
Audio Drivers
The iMica computer now has native AHI drivers for the HDaudio chip sets that support the iMica motherboards so no longer does it need the SoundBlaster Live cards and therefore frees the PCI slots for other projects being worked on. Also, modifications are being made for these drivers to support a number of modern netbooks and laptops and some motherboards that are based on Intel Atom designs. This work has been completed by Davy Wentzler of Audio Evolution fame, please take a look at his recording studio if you have not already.
Official Workbench included
From next year all iMica’s will ship with Workbench 3.1 and Workbench 1.3, this will allow not only your 68k applications to run using Picasso screen modes as well as native but also your games and those amazing demos that run on Workbench 1.3 OS with sound. Please note only the Games and Demos version of UAE supports sound at the moment.
Built your own iMica
If you have already built your own iMica style system or purchased a netbook without sound support in Aros, we want to enable you to access our sound drivers. However, they have cost money to develop and while we try to recoup our investment we are making a small charge for these drivers if not purchasing an iMica system of £10. Once money for developments is recouped we will put these payments into further Aros drivers and non fashionable development not covered by bounties.
There are a number of other improvements that are also being worked on, more on this in the New Year. All I can say is that iMica is here to stay and get better.
iMica will be available in the new year from 199 Euros, powered by IcAros 1.2 and also Ubuntu 9.10 via a dual boot option if you must.

Steve Jones

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