iMica System Overview

iMica System

Please note, due to component price changes we have had to raise our price of this unit to £275 for now. Apologies for any inconvenience.

iMica is a new computer based on Intel Atom processor technology and on an ITX style motherboard. It includes all the usual connectors and ports but its most important feature is that is small and low power consumption but fast enough for most needs today.
Why is it of interest to Amiga owners? Well iMica is powered by Aros which is a freely distributable rewrite of the Amiga OS 3.1, which has taken many years to get the point it is now. It is now a usable operating system that if you have ever used an Amiga in the past, you will feel right at home with. An operating system based on the pre-emptive multi tasking system but very efficient on today’s cheap hardware.
So what can I run?
The system includes many internet based tools to get you up and running on the web. Two graphics programs, Movie and music players, Editors, Development tools, games and much more are available. On top of this the look and feel is configurable with easy to use tools in the preferences drawer.
Origyn Web Browser for Aros
It's based on a powerful WebKit engine used for example in Safari and Google Chrome browsers. Ideal not only for browsing the multitude of modern sites out on the internet but also for using Google docs which gives Aros a useful Office suite, including a word processor, a spreadsheet and a powerful presentation software.
Email Client 
Aros includes a nice email client so you can keep in touch with your friends and other Aros users around the world.
Chat programs
Aros include, IRC, Messenger, and other text based chat tools for live communication between friends.
Graphics Programs
Included in system is a 256 colour paint program called GraphX, and a 24 bit paint program called LunaPaint.
MPlayer Entertainment Software
MPlayer can play most movie formats and also play MP3 music files, put a DVD in the drive and watch a movie, play an audio CD, or transfer your albums to your new Aros system. 
E-UAE and AmiBridge
If you have a copy of Amiga Forever, or have legal Amiga roms and system software, you can use AmiBridge to run your old Amiga 68k applications within Aros in a window sharing the file system between Amiga and Aros application files. On iMica system Amiga applications fly along and will typically run faster than on a normal high end real Amiga.

System unit only £275, excludes keyboard/mouse/display

Optional extras
Standard black keyboard and mouse  £15
Amiga Forever with legal Amiga Roms  £10-50, please email for details, will be installed.

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