Special UnAmiga ITX Bundle all sold - Reference only!

UnAmiga ITX - For the Amiga Purist 

Special limited offer pack, only 10 includes the following for £399 + vat where applicable. 

White Checkmate 1500 Plus Mini case

UnAmiga ITX board with white frame

200w PSU

White PS2 keyboard and mouse kit with USB adapter with Amiga keys stickers

Custom firmware supported USB gamepad (cheap but works)

Manual and AMOS manual

Amiga Forever 9 and OS 3.1.4 license

MicroSD card fully setup and ready to go.

Basically ready to go. 

Includes White USB Keyboard and Cherry MX compatible keycap set for free while stocks last.

White/Beige or White/Gray will be added based on what we have the most of. However, add a note with preference and if available we will send that choice. Please note our decision is final on this due to stock control.





Introduction price includes mount frame and Amiga Forever v8 DVD pack and 32gb boot MicroSD card set up and ready to go with a nice list of games and demos from the Amiga Forever Pack.



For a Stand alone Amiga this is a great lowish cost option for games, demos, music and some applications. Relies on having Pc with emulator to transfer files back and forth although once setup the additional serial network (not tested) should help here.


It uses a customised version of the MiniMig core that has been maintained over the years and is stable. With next generation UnAmiga due to larger FPGA gate size it can have RTG which is a game changer.  


Pack comes with Amiga Forever DVD pack worth £45.



In Following Video Skip to 23:40 for UnAmiga ITX part




I really like the feeling this system gives you when using and the fact it has AGA but can switch chip sets for compatibility is an absolute bonus. Best of all is the demos runs so well and smooth as the original Amigas. Can run some other non Amiga cores. A great second system next to an emulated setup for when you just need the accuracy of FPGA.



With AGA, 2mb chip and 20mb fast ram this performs just like an A1200 with say a 50mhz CPU or as Sysinfo would say 2.1 times A3000 speed which is enough for a lot of applications including most games and demos unless high performance is required.



Low cost entry 

Accurate Amiga emulation


New versions larger FPGA 55k gates and RTG

Scroll lock button activates flicker fixer

2mb Chip and 20mb Fast ram

Can run some other cores

Runs relatively cool so no fan or heat sink required due to lack of Arm core



Network is serial speed only but hard to setup

Difficult to get data onto system without an emulated system as well for file transfer.

Cannot run all cores due to size of FPGA

Has USB but not general USB support only specific keyboards and mice that support PS2 protocol.

Steve Jones

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