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iMica v2 - AROS complete system

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Finally over a decade later and I have my second AROS fully configured system


Firstly, for an Amiga, this is BLAZING fast, and it is Open Source Amiga compatible Operating System.


I have created an almost completely new system, in other words all parts are new apart from the Motherboard that is a refurbished model that has been chosen to give the best bang for buck for AROS fans.


If any of these specifications below make you question the choices then this IS NOT FOR YOU and you are welcome to build your own !!!


Building an AROS machine ready to go is very dificult due to drivers etc and the odd compromise you have to make.


This is a fantastic little computer and I hope you appreciate the effort that went into getting this together and making it great.


These are in very limited numbers and to be honest I just want to recoup the cost of paying a professional coder (Neil Cafferkey) a professional fee for creating the network driver to make this board fully supported. This driver will be released into the AROS repository Q1 next year so that all can benefit from it. The cost of this driver was supported by one of my wonderful Patreons, Peter Membrey, who paid the bulk of this driver cost to support the AROS community. If we sell a few then the profit will go into other AROS projects.


ALL Checkmate 1500 Plus cases now ship in Mini case deluxe black boxes !! 




Checkmate 1500 Plus case in white - Does not include Risers!

300w SFX PSU

Free white PS2 Mouse/Keyboard set, only 15 in stock, charged for after.

ASUS Motherboard, pre-owned but fully tested and cleaned.

On board NVIDIA GeForce 7025 630a

Integrated Realtek ALC662 6-channel audio chip

Onboard nVidia MCP61 Gigabit Ethernet (this is the driver that was created)

1GB Memory DDR2 667

AMD Sempron 2.8GHz Socket AM2+ CPU Single Core


IDE - Compact Flash 32gb memory card (64gb, 128gb options but not really needed)

Options - Maybe later

LG GS40N DVD drive with adapters

CPU water cooling AIO - needs modified drive tray.


Software Setup


This is where the fun starts. 


This is configured with the latest ICAROS desktop setup with all drivers and ready to go.




Amiga Forever 8 CD is included to allow us to give you three fantastic environments that I have built for you.


AmigaOS 3.x RTG setup - this is basically a full screen setup with most of the software you will probably need.


AmigaOS  3.x WHDLoad setup - this environment is setup and configured to give you a great gaming/demo experience and for playing Amiga music mods.


AmigaOS 1.3 Experience - This is how AmigaOS 1.3 should be exoperienced and is basically the system I used back in the day, in interlace mode, with hard drive support.


If interested, feel free to order I am just waiting for some fans but have 10 in stock but will ship after Christmas or in the new year and order more as needed.





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Steve Jones

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