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Amiga 500 special case and PS2 keyboard package

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Checkmate 1500 plus package for Amiga 500 with broken or missing keyboard.

ALL Checkmate 1500 Plus cases now ship in Mini case deluxe black boxes !! 

This package is all you need to fit an A500 motherboard into one of our cases. Important to note this will still be a standard A500, but adding a Terrible Fire 536 with an IDE/CF drive drive would make a great system. You will need a Floppy disk drive and Mouse still to use as before. 



Update video showing final PS2 adapter board.



Jan Beta's great review of full build.



Important to be aware, if your keyboard works you can buy one of our Keyboard cases and cable kits to use that. If so just choose the A500 Plus case and parts you need.


Included in package

White Checkmate A1500 Plus case for A500 with correct rear panel

200w PSU

ATX power adapter

PS2 keyboard adapter

White PS2 keyboard while stocks last

White Amiga floppy panel

White Blank panel

White DVD panel

White Standard 3.5" drive panel

LG-GS40N DVD mount frame

34 way extended ribbon cable

Floppy power lead adapter

Full colour manual 


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Steve Jones

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