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4 x Checkmate Garage Oyster white

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£130.00 ex vat, or if you live within the the UK £156.00

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 Checkmate Garage


The monitor stand for most AIO’s (All In One) computers and other ideas.


Please read notes lower down about shipping.


These include and tested.


Amiga 500, 600, 1200

Atari ST 520/1040 etc

Commodore 64/128

BBC Micro


If you are unsure about the weight it can hold I can stand on it while holding a Commodore 1084s monitor.


Dimensions are 500m x 330mm x 100mm external. For internal remove 3mm. 




This is a low cost but large and heavy product, our prices to UK and Europe are reasonable but further afield the prices are getting very extreme. 


I recommend buy at least two or more and share the order with friends or a club. On my Facebook group I will pin details of people who are over buying to kindly assist those who want one or more and reduce the sometimes high price.


If you want to collect and check your own courier the package dimension for one is 51cm x 34cm x 110cm and 2.5 kg.


Any questions please email me at the email address lower down.

Steve Jones

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