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White USB keyboard with Red MX switches plus white/beige Keycaps

Awaiting stock - Pre Order Only - Restock estimated - 14 April 2023

£59.00 ex vat, or if you live within the the UK £70.80

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This keyboard is a standard Windows type modern budget keyboard that we are repurposing for use in Amiga recreation systems.

Please note it will NOT work with Vampire V4

It uses clone red Cherry MX switches and NOT original Cherry, this keeps the cost down but still offers a great experience.

I realise some people have diferent favourites choice when it comes to switches but due to small scale production I had to pick one, and so I chose my favourite. I think most people will really like the Red switch.

Most important part is the fact that these are ANSI keyboards and not ISO like the original Amiga ones, this is a dificult choice I had to make and I will understand if it is not for you. This company can supply ISO keycaps for you.

Steve Jones

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