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White Garlic Pack for DE10 Nano

Awaiting stock - Pre Order Only - Restock estimated - 19 August 2024

£249.00 ex vat, or if you live within the the UK £298.80

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White Garlic Pack - £249 excluding Vat

This pack includes -

Includes software pack, AF8 and 8gb SD with intial Amiga setup.

The deluxe case in the colour named in the title

DE10 Nano fitting kit for a Mister setup including USB hub and all cables, does not include analogue board.

Checkmate 200w SFX Power supply





Imagine a brand new, Commodore Amiga 3000 inspired desktop computer case sitting on your desk today, that's what we want to bring to you again. 

Following on from the successful launch of the Checkmate 1500 Plus case Kickstarter in 2019 we wanted to add a smaller and more compact case to the range.

The last project the Checkmate 1500 Plus allowed you to build a big box Amiga using the parts from an Amiga 500, A1200 and the 600 and these are still available. 

This new case, is for building an Amiga without having any Amiga parts, this is why we have these packs to get you up and running with a great Amiga experience. Of course, you could just fit a Mini ITX PC instead.


The deluxe version includes the case but adds the 3.5 standard drive and DVD panel inserts, the DVD tray for LG GS40N slot loading drive, the PSU support bracket, colour packaging with external protective brown box and a printed deluxe manual.







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