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Aluminium turned feet (4 pack) with sound deadening for Mini case (READ NOTE)

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£25.00 ex vat, or if you live within the the UK £30.00

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IMPORTANT, please note second picture, the one for sale is on the right and it has a slight Rose gold hue. Sadly they were slightly diferent colour to what I expected on arrival but the quality is amazing.

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These are gold/bronze colour, and solid hand turned Aluminium (US customers please note spelling :-) feet with special sound dampening rubber ring on the base.

It is important to understand they are meant for the Mini case that has holes to fix them with the M4 bolt and nut supplied. A1500 plus cases do not have these mount holes, although new ones being made will have. However, if you are handy with a drill you can drill M4 size holes where the feet pads are and fit them.

These are purely decorative unless you are water cooling your system and need a bigger gap under the case for air flow to the 120mm fan hole.

These are sadly quite expensive but they are good quality and this colour looks great on the oyster white and black cases :-)

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