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MiSTix - designed by Edu Arana and based on work by Alexey Melnikov




Picture is a prototype and final version will be black


This board is the go to for FPGA recreation of retro systems and has the biggest community creating some amazing system cores to allow you to relive the older games consoles, arcade games and over 50 computers by just switching a core in the menu. As an Amiga it has a nice balance of performance and features and performs at 2.8x A3000 performance but with AGA and RTG.


Complete MiSTix includes the following


1. MiSTix main board and Fan board.

2. DE10 Nano

3. 32mb Static ram card

4. Mount frame

5. HDMI to Panel mount

6. RJ45 to panel mount

7. Dual USB to rear panel

8. Amiga Forever 8 full DVD pack

9. 32gb Micro SD card pre loaded and ready to go.




In Following Video Skip to 1:06:56 for MiSTix part



Possibly the best balance of price, hardware accuracy and features of all FPGA boards



Amiga performs at 2.8x A3000 according to Sysinfo and the 486 core runs at 90mhz.



ARM support CPU enable USB support, networking and much more.

110k LE’s so lots of room for computer system or game cores

Amiga RTG allowing no flicker graphics card modes with Picasso 96 drivers

Network access to populate the system via FTP from other computer.

Display filtering enable old bitmap game to look really good, Bicubic/scaling filter is my favourite

486 emulation running at 90mhz is very impressive with VGA/SVGA output for Windows 9x compatibility and DOS gaming.

Over 50 computers simulated including ARM based Archimedes



Much higher price than UnAmiga and needs optional minimum 32mb static ram module for general use (higher for Neo Geo core) although 64mb and 128mb available and may be necessary.

Runs hot under load and so a heat sink and fan is recommended.

Checkmate A1500 products !!

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