Checkmate A1500 cases for the Amiga and Retro computer fan

ORIGINAL A500 ATX Power and Zorro 2 card (No ACA500Plus)

IMPORTANT, NOT ACA500Plus compatible version, read warnings!
Plugging the A500 into this adaptor card gives your new Amiga system the following functions. ATX power adaptor and switch control,  a full A2000 compatible Zorro 2 slot and finally two fan header ports. 
Individual computers (zorro only) products can have timing problems in this zorro slots so do not buy this to use with them.
You buy this understanding that whilst it works with a lot of cards including A500 expansion cards, this is not gauranteed and you need to be aware of this and experiment. If you do not understand then wait for the new version to be restocked but is a lot more expensive as this has been discounted heavily.
The A500 86 pin bus adapter is not included unless you specifically ask for it to avoid confusion and realise some cards do not play well on the bus.

Order Exclusive Checkmate A1500 products after Kickstarter is complete !!

Products are now excluding vat unless ordering from England, Scotland or Wales. Once the Kickstarter project is complete and all orders are satisfied, you will be able to create a user account and place your order for following batches.

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