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The Checkmate A1500 cases are a re-imagining of the version my company sold in the late 80's. However, they have been brought up to date and with a style to compliment the most beautiful Amiga ever made, the A3000. The Plus is for larger systems or housing real Amiga A500/600/1200 motherboards. However, you can also build a normal PC to run your OS of choice using Micro-ATX in the Plus or Mini-ITX in both cases. IMPORTANT: Please note we are not a dealer but a manufacturer so our shipping times are a lot slower although we try our best. For reference we tend to do two shipments a month unless shipping a lot of stock then once a week. Thanks for your understanding.
New monitors coming to Kickstarter soon !!

Checkmate Garage, the CRT monitor stand for AIO's (All In One Computers)

Pack prices reduced !!
This price is only while stock of OS licenses last.

A la Carte menu even less expensive, look in the product information menu above to read more.

Choose the Plus for building with a real Amiga or the Mini with an FPGA based Amiga or PC. NOTE - extra discount now applied for people buying extras like PSU, zorro/atx cards and rear panels. Patreons, contact us before paying to see if you can get an extra 5% discount.